Andrew Weaver





Andrew has over 30 years experience & a wealth of professional and vocational qualifications. Starting at just age 12 with his first family pet, Andrew found his love for all things dog- and the rest is history!


Starting his career in the Military at age 16 within the Royal Air Force, Andrew quickly developed skills in behavioural training, also gaining qualifications in canine health, kennel management and canine behaviour, before moving on to train dogs for bomb disposable, drugs detection and search and rescue. As a part of the canine display team within the Royal Air Force, Andrew trained dogs in agility to show at events and displays all over the United Kingdom. Later in his Military career, Andrew worked within the Military Police, training dogs for security and search purposes.


After leaving the Armed Forces, Andrew went on to train dogs for private security companies, all the while expanding his knowledge and skills base through private study.


Andrew's training methods are ethically sound, using a positive reward-based system to ensure the bond between dog and owner is strengthened and remains central at all times.