Have a sniff around at the handy links below to find out more about a particular area of training, helpful tips, and fun things to do to with your furry friend at home and whilst out on a walk!


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Make an informed choice for your pooch: Information on Neutering Male Dogs

                                      Information on Neutering Female Dogs


How to deal with biting in Puppyhood: Overcoming and Dealing with Mouthing and Biting


Creating a fun and stimulating environment: Making Walks more Enjoyable for your Dog


Preparing Dogs for hearing loss in later life: How to use Basic Sign Language


Helping Dogs to become accustomed with children and new babies: What to do when a new arrival is on the way


Helping nervous dogs to feel at ease: Remaining Cool and Calm to help our furry friends


Leaving dogs alone in the home: How to overcome and prevent Separation Anxiety